Technical Data

Adapter for chamomile picking of the VZR type:

• Number of revolutions of:

Engine: D-50 type:

• Type: four-stroke, compression ignition

• Volume of cylinders: 4750 cm3

Modified chassis: E-303 type:

• Driving wheel track: 2770 mm

• Control wheel track: 2400 mm

• Radius of curvature: 4200 mm

• Weight with the cabin: 3565 kg

• Brakes: service brake: hydraulic Duo-Duplex

• Hand brake: mechanical

• Clutch of travel mechanism: single-plate, dry

• Tires: driving wheel: 16-20 PR A 19; p = 0.17 MPa

Working speeds:

1st gear: 1.7-4.3 km/h 2nd gear: 4.2-10.7 km/h Driving speeds: 3.4-8.6 km/h

Underpressure pneumatic conveyer:

• Diameter of piping: 160 mm

Storage bin:

VZR 4 self-propelled chamomile picking machine:

The new machine for picking chamomile flowers is now in the prototype stage and there is a question about a single-purpose machine for picking chamomile flowers. It is designed to pick chamomile flowers of very high quality with maximum efficiency. The picked chamomile substance contains up to 80% chamomile flowers with maximum length of stem up to 20 mm.

The new picking machine can be installed on any carrier with the front three-point suspension and the front power take-off driving shaft. The transport of chamomile flowers from the adapter to the bin is pneumatic, which is simple and does not require any changes in the carrier design. The bin can be solved as a common tractor trailer, or in the form of an attached tilting container in the rear part of the carrier.

The technical data are:

• Total width of adapter: 3000 mm

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