Matricariae Flos Chamomile flowers Official Name

Matricariae flos, chamomile flowers Description

Chamomile flowers consist of fresh or dried heads of Matricaria recutita L. (syn. Chamomillla recutita [L.] Rauschert) and preparations of these in effective doses. The flowers contain not less than 0.4% (v/w) of volatile oil. The main constituents of the oil are (-)-a-bisabolol or bisabolol oxides A and B. Indications

External use: Skin and mucosal inflammation, bacterial skin conditions including oral cavity and parodontium

Inflammatory conditions and irritation of respiratory tract (inhalation)

Conditions affecting anal region and genitalia (bath and irrigation)

Internal use: Gastrointestinal spasms and inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract Contraindications

None reported Side Effects

None reported Dosage

Pour hot water (c. 150 ml) onto 1 heaping tablespoonful of chamomile flowers (= c. 3 g), cover, and put through a tea strainer after 5-10 min.

Unless otherwise prescribed, gastrointestinal conditions are treated by taking a cup of the freshly made tea three or four times daily between meals. For inflammation of oral and pharygeal mucosa, rinse or gargle several times daily with the freshly made tea.

External use: 3-10% infusions for compresses and lavage; for baths, 50 g of the drug to 10 l of water; semisolid formulations equivalent to 3-10% of the plant drug Method of Application

Liquid and solid formulations are for external and internal use. Medicinal Actions

Inflammatory and antipyretic, musculotropic spasmolytic, vulnerary, deodorant, antibacterial and bacterial toxin inhibitor, stimulates skin metabolism.

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