Band Dryers

• Quick drying after harvest, storage of harvested material not in high layers and not under the sun, maximum storage time 2 hours, for longer periods cooling with ambient air is advisable.

• Drying temperatures staged 60-70°C/50-55°C/45-50°C under 1/3/5 band in a five-band dryer.

• Max. air velocity approximately 0.70-0.80 m/s for five-band dryers under the top band corresponding to a specific air flow of 2500 to 2900 m3/(m2*h).

• Max. relative humidity of 30% at 60°C in the case of partial recirculating of waste air, portion of recirculated waste air max. approximately 40-50%.

• Feeding layer height of raw material max. approximately 10 cm for pure chamomile flowers (15 cm for higher herb portion) corresponding to a load of raw material of approximately 20 kg/m2 (30 kg/m2).

• Drying time at least 7-10 hours depending on drying temperatures, initial and final water content, and herb portion.

• Even drying by automatic gravity product turning from one band to the following band, additionally with product-turning device above the middle of the first band or through dividing of first band in two bands arranged in a line with gravity turning at handing over position of product.

• Application of a heat-recovery device (e.g., cross-stream heat exchanger).

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