Preface v

Yaroslav Blume, Don Durzan and Petro Smertenko

List of Contributors vi

Photo of All the Participants xvi

Instrumentation and Ecological Aspects

Monitoring the Effects of UV Radiation in Cells and Plants 3

Don J. Durzan and Petro Smertenko

Photobiological Measurements and Obtaining Action Spectra 11

David H. Sliney

Ultraviolet Spectroradiometry for Environmental Biology 27

Brian G. Gardiner

Ambient Levels of UV Radiation 34

Mario Blumthaler

DSCOVR, the First Deep Space Earth and Solar Observatory 44

Francisco P.J. Valero and Jay Herman

Retrieval of the Transmitted UV Irradiance from Reflected Data 55

I.N. Melnikova

Solar UV as Environmental Factor: Measurements and Model 60

Claudio Rafanelli, Andrea Anav, Ivo di Menno and Massimo di Menno

Reconstruction of the UV-Time Series Weighted for the Plant Action Spectrum

Based on the UV and Total Ozone Data Collected at Belsk, Poland, in the Period

1992-2003 67

Piotr Sobolewski and Janusz Krzyscin

Detector of the Ultraviolet Radiation for Biologically Active Ranges of Solar

Radiation on the Bases of ZnSe Semiconductor 74

Leonid Gal'chinetskii, Volodymyr Mahniy, Volodymyr Ryzhikov, Volodymyr Seminozhenko, Nikolai Starzhinskiy, Jong-Kyung Kim, Yong-Kyun Kim and Woo-Gyo Lee

UV and VIS Radiation Meters for Environmental Monitoring 82

Petro Smertenko, Vitaliy Kostylyov, Ivan Kushnerov, Olexandra Shmyryeva, Eduard Manoilov, Mykola Brychenko, Valeriy Kruglov, Anatoliy Maryenko, Rostislav Stolyarenko, Yaroslav Blume and Don J. Durzan

Effects of UV Radiation

Maintenance of the Plant Genome under Natural Light 95

Anne Britt and Kevin Culligan

UV-Induced DS(SS)-DNA Damage: Optical and Electrical Recognition 109

Alina Veligura, Michael Khuler, Wolfgang Fritzsche, Peter Scharff, Karl Risch, Peter Lytvyn, Alexandr Gorchinskyy and Eugenia Buzaneva

Caspase-Like Activities and Programmed Cell Death Induced by UV in Arabidopsis 122

Rui He, Vitalie I. Rotari, Laurent Bonneau and Patrick Gallois

Plant Phenolic Metabolites as Antioxidants and Mutagenesis Inhibitors 129

Adam Matkowski

New Approach to a Radiation Amplification Factor 149

P. Smertenko, V. Stepanov, C. Ol'khovik and D.J. Durzan

Effects of the Radiation on Some Aquatic Primary Producers 155

Liviu-Daniel Galatchi

Nitric Oxide and Plant Stress

Signals from Reactive Oxygen Species 163

Robert Fluhr

Nitric Oxide Functions in the Plant Hypersensitive Disease Resistance Response 170

Matteo de Stefano, Alberto Ferrarini and Massimo Delledonne

Nitric Oxide in Cell Damage and Protection 177

Steven Neill, Jo Bright, Radhika Desikan, Judy Harrison, Tanya Schleicher and John Hancock

NO Signaling Functions in the Biotic and Abiotic Stress Responses 190

David Wendehenne, Kevin Gould, Olivier Lamotte, Elodie Vandelle, David Lecourieux, Cécile Courtois, Laurent Barnavon, Marc Bentéjac and Alain Pugin

Effect of Nitric Oxide on Concentration of Cytosolic Free Ca2+ in Transgenic

Arabidopsis thaliana Plants Under Oxidative Stress 199

Ekaterina V. Kolesneva, Lyudmila V. Dubovskaya and Igor D. Volotovski

Nitric Oxide, Peroxidases and Programmed Cell Death in Plants 208

Maria Concetta de Pinto and Laura de Gara

Plant Hemoglobins and Nitric Oxide in Acclimation to Hypoxic Stress 218

Christos Dordas and Robert D. Hill

Nitric Oxide in Plants: The Cell Fate Regulator 227

Krisztina Ötvös, Taras Pasternak, Päl Miskolczi, Attila Szücs, Dénes Dudits and Attila Fehér

Nitric Oxide, Cell Death and Increased Taxol Recovery 234

Don J. Durzan

Glutathione-Dependent Formaldehyde Dehydrogenase/GSNO Reductase from Arabidopsis. Expression Pattern and Functional Implications in Phytoremediation and Pathogenesis 253

M. Carmen Martmez, Maykelis Díaz, Hakima Achkor and M. Carme Espunya

Plant Stress and Programmed Cell Death

Effect of Chlorsulfuron on Early Embryo Development in Norway Spruce Cell Suspensions 263

Don J. Durzan, Anne Santerre and Ladislav Havel

Spruce Embryogenesis - A Model for Developmental Cell Death in Plants 276

Peter Bozhkov

Cadmium-Induced Cell Death in Tomato Suspension Cells is Mediated by Caspase-Like Proteases, Oxidative Stress and Ethylene 281

Elena T. Iakimova, Veneta M. Kapchina-Toteva, Anke J. de Jong and Ernst J. Woltering

Exploitation of the Daylily Petal Senescence Model as a Source for Novel Proteins that Regulate Programmed Cell Death in Plants 297

Brandon J. Cuthbertson, Joshua Rickey, Yonnie Wu, Gary Powell and Jeffrey P. Tomkins

Changes in the Pattern of HMW-DNA Fragmentation Accompanying the Differentiation and Ageing of Plant Cells 307

Igor O. Andreev, Kateryna V. Spiridonova, Victor A. Kunakh and Victor T. Solovyan

Maintenance of Stomata Function is Required for Containment of Hypersensitive Response 315

Per Mühlenbock

High-Scale Analysis of Pathogenicity Determinants of Potato mop-top virus 320

Andrey A. Zamyatnin, Natasha E. Yelina, Nina I. Lukhovitskaya, Andrey G. Solovyev, Anna Germundsson, Maria Sandgren, Sergey Yu. Morozov, Jari P.T. Valkonen and Eugene I. Savenkov

Nitrotyrosination of a-Tubulin: Structural Analysis of Functional Significance in Plants and Animals 325

Yaroslav B. Blume, Alexey Nyporko and Alla Yemets

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