Carum carvi is recommended as a remedy curing digestive tract disorders like: flatulence, eructation, stomach aches, constipation, lack of appetite, nausea. It is a mild drug, considered safe even for infants and the elderly. In small children caraway is used to treat flatulence and stomach aches, in the elderly for bile flow disorders, intestinal atony, vegetative neurosis (Ozarowski and Jaroniewski 1987).

Caraway fruit is recommended for breast-feeding women to enhance lactation and for the indirect, beneficial effect on the baby's digestive tract.

Externally pure essential oil or carvone may be used to treat dermal mycosis and scabies.

Caraway teas, and fruits added to food as a spice may also have a significant protective effect against anaemia (El Shobaki et al. 1990) and cancer (Zheng et al. 1992). The abundance of cancer chemopreventive substances in diet may even inhibit the early stages of carcinogenesis. Nature has equipped us with numerous "self-defence" mechanisms, which may be stimulated by certain natural substances. The knowledge of the mechanisms themselves and the biologically active compounds stimulating them is growing wider, and the control over the human "self-defence" system may be a question of the near future (Sadowska 1995).

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