Caraway in Veterinary Medicine

Caraway is also used in veterinary medicine, but for animals the herb (Herba carvi) is a more popular remedy than the fruit. It contains a significant amount of essential oil and flavonoids. The decoction of the fruit and herb is used to cure gastrointestinal disorders like flatulence, indigestion, stomach aches and gripes. It promotes gastric secretion and stimulates appetite.

Caraway, like in humans, stimulates lactation in other mammals. Pulverised fruits or dry caraway herb are served mixed together with fodder to cows, mares in foal and other animals. Caraway as a galactagogue may also be of great importance for milk production. Voloshchuk et al. (1985) reported the significant increase of milk secretion in cows fed on pasture grounds enriched with caraway plants. The fat content in milk was lower in comparison with produced by cows fed on pastures without caraway.

The decoction from fruits or pulverised fruits are good remedies for rabbits, piglets and other animals against verminous disease. Gadzhiev and Eminov (1986) reported the effectiveness of caraway extract against trichostrongyle larvae in rams.

Caraway in veterinary medicine is also a remedy for external use. An ointment made from pulverised fruits mixed with vaseline is recommended against scabs, manges, mycosis and other dermal diseases. It may also be used to heal infected injuries or burns.

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