Antioxidative Effects of the Oil and Oleoresins

Lipid peroxidation, a radical chain oxidation of unsaturated acids, causes various damage not only in living organisms but also in foods. Beside some chemicals it is well known that herbs and spices are proper materials to reduce or to inactivate rancidity in oils and fats. The antioxidative activity depends on the substrate of the oxidation, the preparation procedure and the oxidation test. As pointed out by Nakatani (1994), rosemary and sage as ground spices are remarkably effective, whereas caraway showed no real effectiveness.

Lee and Widmer (1994) compared the antioxidative capacity from some oleoresins such as rosemary, anise, dill and caraway as antioxidant for limonene oxidation. Rosemary oleoresins were most effective in inhibiting oxidation of limonene, whereas oleoresins from anise and caraway did exert a weak protective effect up to early stage of oxidation. Oleoresins from dill were nearly inactive against limonene oxidation.

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