Starting a Collection

The best way to start a successful collection of carnivorous plants is to grow those plants which are easy to cultivate. Plants which are native to your immediate area usually will be relatively easy for you to grow successfully. Often the environment is suitable so that plants can be grown outdoors in the same soil as your garden.

In portions of the southeast coastal states of the United States Sarracenia species, some Pinguicula, Drosera and Utricularia can be grown outdoors in pots. Further south in southern Florida Nepenthes species can be grown outdoors.

In southwestern Australia local carnivorous plants can be grown outdoors in pots or in beds. The same is true for many other parts of the world enjoying similar climatic conditions.

Residential areas near natural growing sites may not have the proper humidity in which to grow carnivorous plants but they share the same temperature, daylight periods and seasonal changes. The humidity can be provided by a greenhouse or terrarium-type structure. The important controlling environmental factors, light, temperature and seasonal changes, are provided by nature and are the parameters to which the carnivorous plants in the area are adapted.

Another way to start a successful carnivorous plant collection is to grow species that are easy to cultivate. By "easy" we mean those plants that do not have definite dormancy requirements and can survive in a typical home the year around if placed near a bright window or illuminated with artificial light and grown in a container that will insure a high humidity.

Once some experience is gained with these species, then one can move on to the more demanding ones.

Some of the easier carnivorous plants to grow include the lowland Nepenthes spp.; Cephalotus; all of the tropical Utricularia spp.; terrestrial Utricularia spp., Drosera spp. such as: D. capensis, D. spathulata, D. capillaris, D. adelae, D. binata, complex, and D. pygmaea; and Mexican Pinguicula spp.

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