There is a paucity of good general articles on this genus in North America, but we understand that this will be corrected in the future. Of the references in the general section, Lloyd has an excellent anatomical discussion with many fine line drawings. The photos of Utricularia in the Rickett books are accurately labeled.

Ceska, A., and Bell, M. A. M. 1973. Utricularia in the Pacific northwest. Madrono 22:74-84. A particularly useful review, since five species are completely described, and all of these occur in the east as well. Kondo, K. 1972. A comparison of variability in Utri-cularia cornuta and Utricularia juncea. American Journal of Botany 59:23-37. A very thorough comparative description of these two species. Kondo, K. (with additional commentary by Peter Taylor). 1973. A key for the North American species of Utricularia. Carnivorous Plant Newsletter 2:66-69. An excellent, updated, easy-to-use key with difficult points illustrated. Reinert, G. W., and Godfrey, R. K. 1962. Reappraisal of Utricularia inflata and U. radiata. American Journal of Botany 49:213-20. Another good comparison of two similar species.

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