Pinguicula pumila Michx

BOTANICAL NAME: Pinguicula pumila Michx. RANGE: The southeastern coastal plain from North Carolina into east Texas, but rare except in the Gulf area.

FLOWERING SEASON: April to May. TRAP SEASON: No hibernacula are formed.

DESCRIPTION. — Most often, the rosettes are barely 1.5 cm across, but occasionally they reach 2 cm. The leaves are pale green and have pointed tips. The leaf edges are sharply rolled. The 1.0-1.5 cm flower is most often white but ranges to purple, yellow, or pink in Florida. The pale yellow beard is not exserted.

GENERAL. — This is our tiniest Pinguicula, barely discernible even when in flower. It tends to grow in moist, sandy places that dry somewhat —but not completely—during the summer.

Fig. 6-5. The flower of P. pumila. Note that the corolla does not appear fully expanded (a common occurrence in this small species) and that the yellow heard is not ex-serted.

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