Pinguicula primuliflora Wood Godfrey

BOTANICAL NAME: Pinguicula primuliflora Wood & Godfrey.

RANGE: Gulf coastal plain from the western Florida panhandle into southern Mississippi.

FLOWERING SEASON: February to April. TRAP SEASON:No winter hibernacula.

DESCRIPTION.— The green rosettes grow up to 15 cm across, and the leaf edges are moderately rolled. The tall scape supports a 2.5-3.0 cm, very pale blue to violet flower with a white ring around the tube entrance. The external surface of the tube and spur is bright yellow. The palate beard is yellow and exserted.

GENERAL.— This species also prefers wet areas. It is often found in and on the edges of slowly moving streams, where it grows on hummocks of sphagnum, mostly in the shade. The flower is unique, as are the flowers of all the southern species.

There is another peculiarity of this plant that is shared to a far lesser degree by the other two principally Gulf coastal species, P. planifolia and P. ionantha. Small vegetative buds frequently sprout from the tips of older leaves in late summer. These can be seen growing from decaying leaves or ringed with other plantlets of varying ages around a larger "mother" plant.

Fig. 6-10. The flower of P. primuliflora. The corolla is rose pink to violet with a white center.
Fig. 6-11. P. primuliflora. There is a new plant bud arising from the end of an older leaf.

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