Pinguicula ionantha Godfrey

BOTANICAL NAME: Pinguicula ionantha Godfrey. RANGE: A very narrow range in the mid-panhandle of western Florida.

FLOWERING SEASON: February to April. TRAP SEASON: No winter hibernacula.

DESCRIPTION. —The flat, pale green rosettes measure up to 15 cm across. There is minimal rolling of the somewhat irregular leaf margins. The tall scape supports a 2 cm white to extremely pale violet flower with a ring of deeper violet around the tube entrance. The spur and external tube are olive to dull yellow. The palate beard is bright yellow and exserted.

GENERAL.— This species grows in very wet peaty or sandy places and in shallow water, often accompanied by P. planifolia. It has an extremely small range and is therefore somewhat endangered.

Fig. 6-12. The flower of P. ionantha. This flower is white to very pale violet, with a darker ring in the center.

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