Generic Names

Darlingtonia. Named after Darlington; in this case, Dr. William Darlington, a nineteenth century naturalist from Pennsylvania. Dionaea. This name must have the most romantic origin of all. Venus' mother was Dione, and of course Venus was goddess of love who enthralled and beguiled all men. The botanist who came up with this generic name must truly have been beguiled by this little plant.

Drosera. From the Greek, meaning dewy, referring to the secretions at the tips of glandular hairs.

Pinguicula. Literally, "little fat one," referring to the greasy appearance and texture of the leaves of this genus.

Sarracenia. Many early botanists were physicians, as was Dr. Michel Sarrazin (1659-1734), who lived in Quebec and sent specimens of what is now known as Sarracenia purpurea to France. His name is now immortalized in this genus.

Utricularia. Literally, little bag or sac, referring to the bladderlike traps of this genus.

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