Shinners, L. H. 1962. Drosera (Droseraceae) in the southeastern United States: An interim report. Sida 1:53-59. This and the following paper present both sides of the D. brevifolia controversy, which we mentioned briefly in Chapter 4.

Wood, C. E. 1966. On the identity of Drosera brevi-folia. Journal of the Arnold Arboretum. 47:89-99.

-. 1955. Evidence for the hybrid origin of Drosera anglica. Rhodora 57:105-30. The author convincingly argues that hybridization of D. linearis and D. rotundifolia, followed by amphiploidy, is the origin of this species.

-. 1960. Droseraceae. Journal of the Arnold Ar boretum 41:156-63. A brief summation with a key; also includes Dionaea. Wynne, F. E. 1944. Drosera in eastern North America. Bulletin of the Torrcy Botanical Club 71:166-74. In spite of its date, this is a very nice summary; well written, good descriptions.

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