Subgroup 4 Perennial Lianas

Characteristic for perennial lianas is the coccurence of solitary large vessels (>200 pm), combined with grouped small vessels (Fig. 80). Both Pueraria hirsuta and Wisteria sinensis have large bands of included phloem (Figs. 81 and 82). Crystals are fequent in both species, tylosis occur in Wisteria sinensis (Fig. 82). Annual lianas, e.g. Phaseolus angustissimus, and a few long climbing hemicrypotophytes, e.g Lathyrus heterophyllus, Vicia sativa, Vicia sepium, have larger vessels than the majority of the 20-40 cm-high not-winding species.

r small vessels large .vessels r small vessels large .vessels

Fig. 81. Phloem zone between two parts of xylem (included phloem). Stem of a 15 m-long shoot, cultivated, subtropical zone, Botanical Garden Batumi, Georgia. Pueraria hirsuta, transverse section.

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