Number of species, worldwide and in Europe

The northern hemispheric Primulaceae family includes 20 genera with 1000 species. In Europe, there are 14 genera with 98 species.

Analyzed material

The xylem and phloem of 9 genera with 30 species are analyzed here.

Life forms analyzed:

Hemicryptophytes Therophytes Helophytes Hydrophytes

Studies from other authors: 26 1 2 1 1

Plants analyzed from different vegetation zones:

Alpine and subalpine 19

Hill and mountain 10

Mediterranean 1

Analyzed species:

Anagallis arvensis L. Anagallis foemina Miller Anagallis monelli L. Androsace alpina (L.) Lam Androsace helvetica (L.) All. Androsace lactea L. Androsace obtusifolia All. Androsace septentrionalis L. Androsace villosa L. Androsace vitaliana (L.) Lapeyr Cyclamen purpurascens Mill. Dionysia aretioides Boiss. Hottonia palustris L. Lysimachia nemorum L. Lysimachia nummularium L. Lysimachia punctata L. Lysimachia thyrsiflora L. Lysimachia vulgaris L. Primula auricula L. Primula elatior (L.) L. Primula farinosa L. Primula hirsuta L. Primula integrifolia L. Primula latifolia L. Primula parry Gray Primula veris L.

Primula woronowi Losina-Losinks Samolus valerandi L. Soldanella alpina L. Soldanella pusilla L.

Androsace vitaliana (photo: Landolt)

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