Ecological trends in the xylem

Differences between the alpine zone (cold environment with a vegetation period of 1-4 month) and the hill zone (warm environment with a vegetation period of 6-7 months) are in focus of this study.

No shrubs or dwarf shrubs from this family occur in the alpine region. In contrast, dwarf shrubs (9 species) and shrubs (2 species, Parolinia ornata and P. intermedia) occur only in dry regions. Therophytes are rare in alpine regions (2 species). Hemicryptophytes are dominant in the hill zone.

Alpine plants are, on average, older than those in the hill zone. Maximum ages occur in the alpine species Draba aizoides with 40 years, Smelowskia calycina (26 years) and Thlaspi sylvium (25 years). Plants with distinct rings are more frequent in the alpine zone than in the hill zone.

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