Discussion in relation to previous studies

Metcalfe and Chalk (1957) give a limited description of Myriophyllum in the frame of other genera of the Haloragaceae. The present study characterizes the stem of two Myriophyllum species. The anatomical spectrum of the family is therefore not fully respected.

Wayne et al. (1964) studied the intra-annual development of the shoot apex.

Present features in relation to the number of analyzed species

IAWA code frequency

Total number of species

1 growth rings distinct and recognizable

2 growth rings indistinct or absent

2.1 only one ring

2.2 without secondary growth

9 vessels predominantly solitary

13 vessels with simple perforation plates

20 intervessel pits scalariform

22 intervessel pits alternate

50.1 100-200 vessels per mm2 in earlywood

60.1 fibers absent

98 rays commonly 4-10-seriate

117 rayless

127 intercellular canals

R2.1 groups of sieve tubes in radial rows

R14 cortex with aerenchyma

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