Analyzed species

Fagonia arabica L.

Fagonia crética L.

Fagonia olivieri Boiss.

Larrea cuneifolia Cav.

Porlieria hygrometrica Ruiz

Zygophyllum fontanesii Webb

Zygophyllum gaetulum Emb. et Maire

Life forms analyzed:

Studies from other authors:

Phanerophytes (>4 m)


Nanophanerophytes (0.5-4 m)

2 approx. 6

Woody chamaephytes

5 approx. 11

Plants analyzed from different vegetation zones:



Medicinal Botanical Garden

Fagonia cretica (photo: Zinnert)

Peganum harmala (photo: Zinnert)

Fagonia cretica (photo: Zinnert)

Peganum harmala (photo: Zinnert)

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