Analyzed species

Ceanothus arborescens Greene

Ceanothus fendleris A. Grey

Ceanothus hearstiorum Hoover et Roof

Ceanothus integerrimus Hook et Arn

Ceanothus velutinus Dougl.

Chrysothamnus nauseosus Britton

Chrysothamnusparryi (A Grey) Greene

Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus (Hook.) Nutt.

Colubrina californica J.M. Johnst.

Frangula alnus Mill.

Frangula azorica Tutin

Paliurus spina-christi Mill.

Rhamnus alaternus L.

Rhamnus alnifolia Pursh.

Rhamnus alpina L.

Rhamnus cathartica L.

Rhamnus crenulata Ait.

Rhamnus davurica Pall.

Rhamnus fallax Boiss.

Rhamnus glandulosa Ait.

Rhamnus myrtifolius Willk.

Rhamnus oleoides L.

Rhamnuspallasii C.A. May

Rhamnuspumila Turra

Rhamnus saxatilis Jacq.

Ziziphus jujuba Miller

Ziziphus oblongifolius S. Moore

Ziziphus spina-christi (L.) Willd.

Rhamnus alaternus (photo: Zinnert)

Rhamnus pumila

Rhamnus alaternus (photo: Zinnert)

Rhamnus pumila

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