Analyzed material

Analyzed are the xylem of 15 and the phloem from 7 Ribes species.

Life forms analyzed:

Nanophanerophytes 0.5-4 m

Studies from other authors: 15 ca. 20

Plants analyzed from different vegetation zones:

Alpine and subalpine 3

Boreal 10

Hill and mountain 2

Analyzed species:

Ribes acicularis (Sith) Spach Ribes alpinum L. Ribes bracteosum S. Watson Ribes dikuscha Fisch ex Truc. Ribes glandulosum Ait. Ribes hudsonianum Richards Ribes lacustre Poir. Ribes laxiflorum Pursh Ribes nigrum L.

Ribespauciflorum Turcz. ex Pojarh.

Ribes petraeaum Wulfen

Ribesprocumbens Pall.

Ribes rubrum L.

Ribes triste Pall.

Ribes uva-crispa L.

Hill and mountain 2

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