Analyzed material

The xylem and phloem of158 Rosaceae species is analyzed here, including 29 Maloideae, 23 Prunoideae, 94 Rosoideae and 12 Spiroideae.

Life forms analyzed:

Phanerophytes (>4 m) 26

Nanophanerophytes (0.5-4 m) 66

Woody chamaephytes 6

Semi-woody chamaephytes 6

Liana 1

Hemicryptophytes and geophytes 52

Therophytes 1 Plants analyzed from different vegetation zones:

Alpine and subalpine 24

Boreal and arctic 21

Hill and mountain 89

Mediterranean 14

Arid 4

Subtropical 6

Studies from other authors: several authors >30 several authors >20 ScHWEINGRUBER (1990) 3


Rosa pendulina

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