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For a canoe, the tree was felled, usually in spring, when the bark was heaviest and strongest. Builders made a lengthwise cut along the trunk, then pried off the bark. This sheet was stretched around a frame of white cedar, sewn with roots of black spruce, Eastern tamarack, or jack pine, and sealed with spruce pitch. Birchbark canoes were extremely durable owing to their lightness and flexibility. (In Siberia, birch bark has been found clinging to excavated petrified wood. Long-downed birch trees in a forest often reveal the wood rotting inside the dry, still -intact bark.) Tribes established shady, level areas as regular boat yards, where generations of canoe builders worked. These were also the crafts of French voyageurs birchbark transported them throughout northeastern North America. John McPhee theorized that the hull structure was modeled on the thoracic skeleton of vertebrates.

Simple plankton net Figure 45a

The bridle attachment may be a three-point or, with a weight such as a depressor, you may use a two-point attachment. Attach the tow rope to a solid mid-point near the keel (a strong seat or thwart), and ensure the tow rope does not press onto the motor (using a loop of twine). Samples are collected by slowly towing the net behind the boat and turning in a slight circle so that the net is not in your propeller wash (Figure 4.6c, d). Naturally, the inside of the boat's circle is the side with the net, and you have little manoeuvrability. Without any depressor or weight, the net will remain just beneath the surface at slow speeds. The drag on the boat is substantial, especially with larger nets, and care should be taken by securely tying the tow rope to the boat's strongest points. The railings of a small boat, or a bollard on the side is not the best tow point, because being on the side away from the motor thrust makes steering even more difficult. In boats more than 5 m long this is...

Melaleuca leucadendra L L

Pinky grey heartwood sapwood usually paler. Strong and durable. High silica content, rapidly blunts saws and planes. Can be used for unsawn rough construction timber, sleepers, fence posts, mine props, boat building, poles and piles. Air dry density 725-800 kg m3. Used for windbreaks, erosion control and as an ornamental. Flowers regularly and is a good source of nectar.

Abies durangensis Martnez var durangensis

35 Abies grandis (Dougl. ex D.Don) Lindl. Pinaceae NW MW MC North America (Canada British Columbia, USA Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, N California) int MW Eurasia (UK to Italy) G E hyg- mes sci- hel cl dr(ob) (dried and pounded needles baby powder) fr ma(ob) (bark pink dye) plpp sa ti (board, boxes, dinghies, general construction, lumber, poles) ti(ob) (canoes)

Silvicultural Features and Utilisation

Melaleuca cajuputi is a moderately fast growing tropical tree adapted to both waterlogged and well-drained soils. In addition to cajuput oil, it is a useful source of wood (fuel, posts and poles, household products, construction materials and boat building) and honey and provides shade, shelter and wildlife habitat. M. cajuputi is resistant to fire and tolerates exposure to wind. It has the ability to compete with weeds and will regenerate in Imperata grassland. It has an extensive root system, and on soils subject to prolonged waterlogging it develops aerial adventitious roots which can form buttresses on the lower trunk. It will coppice and has the ability to reproduce from suckers. Doran and Turnbull (1997) is a useful source of further information.

Sided Leaves

Remarks Both the lumber and crushed foliage are aromatic. Wood is soft, durable, very light. The lumber, used in shipbuilding, construction work, and as shingles, is of such value that large logs buried in prehistoric times have been mined in New Jersey bogs. Formerly, organ pipes were made of this resonant wood. White cedar charcoal was used in making gunpowder during American Revolution. Their beauty and resistance to insects and disease have caused a number of horticultural varieties of this tree and its oriental relatives to be used in landscaping. A native species also known as Arbor Vitae, It is browsed by deer.

White oak

Uses White oak was a vital source of wood for shipbuilding in North America prior to the use of steel, as it's impervious to water and resistant to rot. The hard, strong wood is currently used in flooring, furniture, and whiskey barrels. Its broad crown and dense foliage make it an attractive shade tree.

Eastern white pine

Uses Eastern white pine's tall, straight trunks were frequently made into masts for large sailing ships during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It continues to be a valuable timber tree and is a widely planted shade tree but is susceptible to drought, strong winds, ice damage, and white pine blister rust (an introduced fungus that causes tree mortality).

Economic Uses

Trees in the pine family, especially species of pine, spruce, larch, and Douglas-fir, which are widely used for dimensional timber for building construction and boat building, and for general construction uses such as utility poles, doors, and cabinetry. These woods are also widely used for plywood and veneer and as sources of wood pulp for paper and cardboard and other modified wood products, such as charcoal. Southern yellow pines, such as slash pine and loblolly pine, are widely grown in their native southeastern United States as sources of lumber and pulp, while the Monterey pine from coastal California is now widely planted as a commercial timber tree in the Southern Hemisphere. Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is a particularly important timber species in the northwestern United States and Canada. Several species of pines are tapped or cut and steam-distilled for stem resins, which are used as commercial sources of turpentine, tar oils, rosin, and pitch. Wood of the Norway...


To harvest the fibers, the plants are cut before flowering and left to cure for days to weeks in the field. This allows retting, or rotting of the stem to loosen the fibers. The fiber is extracted by macerating the plant in water and removing the pulp. Hemp fibers, each from three to six feet long, can be corded into a strong and durable rope. Historically, hemp rope pulled the water bucket from the village well, hanged the criminal on the gallows, and outfitted the great sailing ships of the voyages of discovery. Cannabis varieties grown for hemp contain extremely low levels of psychoactive substances. Despite this, hemp went largely out of use as a fiber source in the United States during the mid-twentieth century, due mainly to the political difficulties of keeping it in production while marijuana as a drug was being outlawed.

How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

Lets start by identifying what exactly certain boats are. Sometimes the terminology can get lost on beginners, so well look at some of the most common boats and what theyre called. These boats are exactly what the name implies. They are meant to be used for fishing. Most fishing boats are powered by outboard motors, and many also have a trolling motor mounted on the bow. Bass boats can be made of aluminium or fibreglass.

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