Toxicity of Nutrients

Aluminium toxicity

Aluminium toxicity shows up as bright green to yellowish discoloration and drooping of leaves. Individual leaves first show symptoms of necrosis mostly along the main veins, with each brown spot having a yellow halo and later the leaf falls off. These plants have a highly reduced root system. The incorporation of Mg limestone into the basin prevents this toxicity (DeWaard and Sutton 1960).

Manganese toxicity

The affected leaves show dark brown to black spots initially at the edges, then extending to a striking interveinal pigmentation. In normal leaf, manganese concentration is 700 ppm and that of affected leaf is 1000 ppm or more. The 0.1 per cent Mn in some commercial compound fertilizers is now believed to be too high and enough to cause manganese toxicity (Sim 1973).

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