In Malaysia, parts of Indonesia, Thailand, etc. it is a common practice to remove all the spikes produced during the first two years after planting. It is generally held by growers that early flowering will interfere with the normal development of pepper plant thereby affecting the yield. But this practice is time and labour consuming and adds to the cost of production. A study carried out by Yau and Azmil (1989) showed that early flowering and fruiting do not affect the growth or yield of pepper. Cumulative yield over a period of five years did not differ significantly among the non deflowered plants and plants deflowered for varying period from 6 months to 30 months (Yield figure mt/ha are: 18.95, 18.73, 18.35, 17.50, 17.76 and 19.33 respectively for no deflowering and deflowering for 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30 months respectively).

Despiking is not a practice in India, where the pepper plants come to flowering after 2-3 years

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