Toxic Effects

There are no reports of toxicity following oral ingestion of the herb although the German Commision E monograph cited in Bisset (1994) states that an abortifacient action has been described and Williamson and Evans (1994) note that it should not be used in pregnancy. There is one report of contact dermatitis described by Kurz and Rapaport (1979). In animals, Forsyth (1968) records one incidence of poisoning in cattle attributed to A. vulgaris.

The literature contains many references to Mugwort pollen due to its allergenic effects. For example, Nilsen and co-workers have published a series of papers which identified and characterized allergens from the pollen using a variety of immunological techniques (Nilsen, 1990a,1991a) and have purified allergen Ag7 by con-canavalin A affinity chromatography (Nilsen, 1990b). They have also reported the structural analysis of the glycoprotein allergen in Mugwort pollen (Nilsen et al., 1991b).

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