The genus Aloe

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants — Industrial Profiles

Individual volumes in this series provide both industry and academia with in-depth coverage of one major genus of industrial importance. Edited by Dr Roland Hardman

Volume 1

Valerian, edited by Peter J. Houghton Volume 2

Perilla, edited by He-ci Yu, Kenichi Kosuna and Megumi Haga Volume 3

Poppy, edited by Jenö Bernath Volume 4

Cannabis, edited by David T. Brown Volume 5

Neem, edited by H.S. Puri Volume 6

Ergot, edited by Vladimir Kren and Ladislav Cvak Volume 7

Caraway, edited by Eva Nemeth Volume 8

Saffron, edited by Moshe Negbi Volume 9

Tea Tree, edited by Ian Southwell and Robert Lowe Volume 10

Basil, edited by Raimo Hiltunen and Yvonne Holm Volume 11

Fenugreek, edited by Georgios Petropoulos Volume 12

Gingko biloba, edited by Teris A. Van Beek Volume 13

Black Pepper, edited by P.N. Ravindran Volume 14

Sage, edited by Spiridon E. Kintzios Volume 15

Ginseng, edited by W.E. Court Volume 16

Mistletoe, edited by Arndt Büssing Volume 17

Tea, edited by Yong-su Zhen Volume 18

Artemisia, edited by Colin W. Wright Volume 19

Stevia, edited by A. Douglas Kinghorn Volume 20

Vetiveria, edited by Massimo Maffei

Volume 21

Narcissus and Daffodil, edited by Gordon R. Hanks Volume 22

Eucalyptus, edited by John J.W. Coppen Volume 23

Pueraria, edited by Wing Ming Keung Volume 24

Thyme, edited by E. Stahl-Biskup and F. Saez Volume 25

Oregano, edited by Spiridon E. Kintzios Volume 26

Citrus, edited by Giovanni Dugo and Angelo Di Giacomo Volume 27

Geranium and Pelargonium, edited by Maria Lis-Balchin Volume 28

Magnolia, edited by Satyajit D. Sarker and Yuji Maruyama Volume 29

Lavender, edited by Maria Lis-Balchin Volume 30

Cardamom, edited by P.N. Ravindran and K.J. Madhusoodanan Volume 31

Hypericum, edited by Edzard Ernst Volume 32

Taxus, edited by H. Itokawa and K.H. Lee Volume 33

Capsicum, edited by Amit Krish De Volume 34

Flax, edited by Alister Muir and Niel Westcott Volume 35

Urtica, edited by Gulsel Kavalali Volume 36

Cinnamon and Cassia, edited by

P.N. Ravindran, K. Nirmal Babu and M. Shylaja

Volume 37

Kava, edited by Yadhu N. Singh Volume 38

Aloes, edited by Tom Reynolds

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