The supernatant prepared from fresh leaf homogenate was lyophilized to crude extract and the extract was used to isolate a lectin. The extract was applied to a column of Amberlite XAD-2 and eluted with distilled water and the eluate was concentrated under reduced pressure after concentration and lyophilized to a powder. After dialyzation of the powder against water, the dialysate was evaporated to dryness and the non-dialysate was concentrated on a hollow fibre dialyzer concentrator with a rejection limit over 10 kDa in molecular mass. The non-dialysate was lyophilized to a colorless fibrous material and the fibrous material was dissolved in 0.02 M sodium bicarbonate and gel-filtrated on a column of DEAE-cellulofine. After the neutral polysaccharide fraction was eluted with the same buffer, the column was then eluted with 0.3M sodium chloride and the eluate was lyophilyzed to a powder (glycoprotein fraction) after concentration. The glycoprotein fraction was dissolved in 0.3M sodium chloride and applied to a Sepharose 6B column which was eluted with the same solution. Two fractions, glyco-protein fraction 1 and glycoprotein fraction 2 were recovered.

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