Mean 47% 1,098 ||S 6.7% 9.0% 49.9% 1.19 48:41:4 14.4% 8.2%

SEM 14% 491 |S 2.5% 3.3% 6.8% 0.47 10:11:2 8.7% 2.4%

Sources are as follows. A is a feedstock manufacturer. D was supplied by a manufacturer's representative and is not A. Q is a broker blending product from feedstock manufacturer A. R is a consumer product manufacturer and Sample 7 is a consumer product. C is a broker. S, T, & U were supplied by consumer product manufacturers.

Notes a The solids content was determined by freeze-drying 100 ml of the liquid and direct measurement of mass. The discrepancy between the solids found and the label claim was calculated directly using the IASC solids content value in force at that time. For calculation of the means, the absolute values were used. NP: Not Pertainent — either there was no label claim for content, or the claim was for 'aloe' but no concentration was specified. b Conductivity of a solution with solids content of 0.58 to 0.62 g/dl at ambient laboratory temperature. c Values expressed are the % of solids that are alcohol precipitable hexose. d As determined under IASC Conditions. * Extremely abnormal chromatogram.

e Liquids were lyophilized and then dialysed exhaustively until the conductivity of the final dialysate was under 100 jl Siemens. The data are expressed as percentage of mass in dialysate compared to total mass recovered. f Determined by the phenol sulfuric acid assay for total hexose (Dubois etal., 1956). g Determined by the neocuprione method (Dygert etal., 1965). h Extinction coefficient at 280nm of a 0.1% (1 mg/ml) solution in deionized water.

i Retained material was hydrolysed in 6N constant boiling HCl for 10 to 20 minutes at 120 °C. After neutralization, ratio of monosaccharides determined by HPLC on a Dionex PA-1

column with a pulsed amphoteric detector. Statistical values for commercial materials are from the four samples of gel. j Consistent with WLE, polysaccharide sugar composition is within normal limits: glucose, 54 ± 11%;mannose, 25 ± 13%; galactose, 9 ± 1%. k Abnormally high in fructose, 17.7%.

Adapted from Pelley et al. (1998) with permission.

Table 8.11 Characteristics of Commercial Powdered Materials of Defined Provenance.

Sample no. a

Metal cation contentb

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