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As plant sources for allergic contact dermatitis, exudates of ginkgo and lacquer tree are well known in Japan and Kidachi aloe gel portion is topically applied to cure an itchy dermatitis. However, several case studies of Kidachi aloe jelly portion were reported on allergic contact dermatitis as follows.

A case study of contact dermatitis to Kidachi aloe

A 66-year-old Japanese male with allergic dermatitis to Kidachi aloe leaf gel had generalized nummular and papular dermatitis after 20 days use of topical aloe jelly. Patch testing with aloe jelly gave a strong positive reaction in the patient but was negative in eight controls. Thus, the positive patch test for aloe jelly is proof of allergic hypersensitivity to Kidachi aloe (Shoji, 1982a, 1982b).

Contact dermatitis from Kidachi aloe

A 7-year-old boy had no personal or family history of contact dermatitis, eczema, asthma or hay fever. When he used the leaf gel of Kidachi aloe, because of a scaly eruption, he had an itchy, erythematous, buroring, papular and edematous eruption around the mouth. A patch test with the fresh leaf gel was positive after 48 hours. Six control subjects were all negative. He made a rapid recovery following the use of topical cortico-steroid. A mechanical irritation caused by crystals (calcium oxalate) was speculated to be the cause (Nakamura and Kotajima, 1984).

Kidachi aloe extract was topically applied to four patients with pruritis cutanea who showed negative patch test results for the leaf extract and red papular dermatitis was caused after 10—20 days use. It was again suggested that the contact dermatitis was caused by crystals, such as calcium oxalate, in the leaf extract (Kono etal, 1981).

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