Fertilizer Application

A suitable source of fertilizers is essential for good seedling growth in the nursery. A. mangium appears to be an easy speeies to manage in the nursery from the point of view of nutrition and fertilization. Both chemical and organic fertilizers (for example, cow dung, chicken manure, or compost) have been used. If organic fertilizers are applied, they should constitute about 2()7r of the total media (FAO 1987).

The need for different fertilizers varies with the type of the substrate and probably also with climate. Generalizations are dangerous; local trials are necessary to find the most suitable type and method of nursery application.

Large-scale production of A. mangium seedlings in South Kalimantan has used locally available chemical fertilizers. The following procedure and doses have been used with local peat and rice husk (70:30) as the main substrate.

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