Adult: Dark brown with pointed tails at the end of the vein 2,4 of the hind wing. Both wings are crossed by yellow bands, which in the forewing is made up of separate discal spots. Wings span 7.5-8.0 cm. (Plate 9.2). Egg: Spherical and white,with brown streaks. Larva: The caterpillar is characterized by long, paired filaments, a branching spine or a horned head. There are two pairs of filaments on its head: the center pair is longer than the adjacent ones. Between the center pair there is another short pair showing as horns. The tips of these filaments are reddish brown. The posterior end has one pair of appendages which are brown at the tip (Plate 9.3). These appendages disappear in the last larval stage. The body is dark green with a yellow line that runs laterally across the body. A fully grown larva is 5.5-6 cm, and has 3 pairs of legs and 5 pairs of prolegs. Pupa: Green color, 2-2.5 cm, oval shape pointed at one end.

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