With Aquatic Plants

2.1.1 Assay Location

The experiments were carried out in a greenhouse at the Estación Experimental "Miguel Luna Lugo" of the Decanato de Agronomía, Universidad Centroccidental "Lisandro Alvarado," Tarabana, Municipio Palavecino, Edo. Lara, Venezuela. The area is characterized as a very dry tropical forest, with a height of 510 m.o.s.l, with a mean of 658.3 mm of rain, potential evapotranspiration of 2048.1 mm year-1, mean temperature of 25.1°C, a mean photoperiod of 7.9 h, and relative humidity of 70%. The latitude is 10°1'25"N and the longitude 69°17'W.

2.1.2 Experimental Design

The experimental design was random with three treatments and five repetitions for each element or elemental specie: seven experimental groups, seven control groups, and an additional seven controls of water without plants. The treatments are described in Table 24.1. The experimental units were identical plastic vessels MANAPLAST® of 7-L capacity and surface area of water lamina 0.27 m2, deep of 13.3 cm, with plants and treatments (as shown in Table 24.1). The initial plant biomass was 100 g.

Table 24.1 Treatments used for the experiment




Control: Water without I element,

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