Petunia (wild type vs. F3H deficient mutants)

UV-B enhancement

Increased quercetin to kaempferol ratio in wild type

Ryan et al. (2002)

Phaseolm vulgaris


Increased PAL, CHS, and CHI

Paolacci et al. (2001)

P. vulgaris


Increased accumulation of kaempferol 3-O-glucuronide

Kanoun et al. (2003)

Pinguicola vulgaris

UV-B enhancement

Supplemental UV-B increased anthocyanis, and this resulted in enhanced high light and cold tolerance

Mendez et al. (1999)

Pinns sylvestris


Root exposition to Cadmium caused an accumulation of soluble phenolics in the cytosol of root cells

Schutzendubel et al. (2001)

Salix (S. myrsinifolia and hybrids)

UV-B enhancement+ drought

UV-B increased quercetin derivates in all plants, while the effect of drought was clone-specific

Turtola et al. (2005)

Schef├čera arboricola

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